New Kiritsuke Models with Professional Image of the Prototypes

Greetings Everybody,

  2017 has been a great year! There are some new models coming out of the studio that I am gravitating towards making more of.

The Japanese Kiritsuke Style Chef Knife Blade is one that has always been eye-catching to me and one that I appreciate for it's sharp lines and overall aesthetics. It also happens to be a very useful style in many applications. 

 I have taken this style and made it my to speak. The first time I was inspired by this was in the creation of the Kiritsuke Utility. Then I went on to create the Kiritsuke Chef and also my version of the full size Kitistuke all of thee in stick tang builds.

 The first image shows the most recent pair of Prototypes I have completed of the Model; I will be calling this one, the Kiritsuke Chef. Smaller than a general purpose Kitsuke (which generally are created with blade lengths of 8 inches or so) it is a really fantastic size for daily meal preparation. I was blessed to have this fine image taken by Caleb Royer Photography and what a fine job he did!

 The Kirisuke Chef is a super functional knife in a very handy size. The two prototypes exhibit blades that are just shy of 7" at 6 & 7/8" with an OAL of 13 & 1/8" A perfect size for both the home, catering, or commercial kitchen.

 The Kiristuke Utility will also be a knife I will be creating more of. It's seeming simplicity is not to be overlooked as it is highly functional and a very fun knife to use; handy in any kitchen for detail work where a knife larger than a paring or petty is required. It would also be a fantastic line knife as well. The Kiristuke Utility exhibits a blade that is 5.75" with the OAL being around 11.75, and a heel width of 1.29" Not quite enough for tons of room for knuckle clearance over the cutting board, but also very generous for a utility knife. With a nimble yet strong tip, it is a great detail/utility knife with lots of character!

Finally the Full Size Kiritsuke. There has only been one made so far and it sold so quickly I hardly had time to measure it, but I know the blade on this knife is coming in at 8.75" and an OAL of 14". 

 All Models of Kiritsuke I am creating are generous in the handle length as this balances this blade style    very well both functionally and aesthetically.

I did a few smaller renditions of the same blade style, The images of the Two Rainbow Quenched Kiritsuke, has one in a slightly larger size with a 6" blade compared to the Mini Kiritsukewith the hamon that exhibits a blade of around 5.5". Also in the slide show below is a Kiritsuke Utility in comparison to my Classic French Utility and a shot of the Kiritsuke & Veggie Cleaver Set I create this year. That image the smallest Mini Kiritsuke in Bacote and antique Ivory Micarta, is posed with another fun little Alsace style knife that there will be more of as well. Very Handy and fun to use all of them!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the images!

Blessings of Health and Goodness to You All