Celebrating Spring 2017 with an offer to my Cusotmers and Collectors

I want to thank all my customers and collectors for your appreciation and support of my work over the years. It's been just over ten years that I have been making knives full time and what a true blessing it has been!

Many of you who visit California Custom Knives regularly, have perhaps wondered, where much of my work has been going, in that, I have not had much for sale on my own website.

The majority of my work is going to Eatingtools.com on New York.

Abe Shaw has been a fantastic friend and business partner for many years, and he is representing my work diligently and with lots of love and support in educating others about the work I do.

So I invite you to go there to see what I have available, and below in the image you will find the promo code to get a discount on a selection of knives I have currently available.

Thank you All again for your kindness and communications, orders and friendships!