Welcome to California Custom Knives

Forging knives since 2006, Don Carlos Andrade is one of a very few Master Bladesmiths, that happens to be a full-time chef knife specialists, backed with an extensive culinary and fine arts background. This combined knowledge and experience has aided him in creating some of the most exquisite, hand-forged, chef and camp knives available today.

Each of Don's knives is a one of a kind creation with a beautiful aesthetic. They are renown for their fine edge-geometry, which make them exceptionally functional. Backed by performance and durability, his knives are suitable for both the culinary enthusiast and the modern chef alike. California Custom Knives are heirloom quality creations, built to last for generations. Don's modern interpretation of classic cutlery makes his work not only unique, but highly desirable.

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Current projects are updated both on The Blog here on my site,                                                         and also on Blogspot, where there is a post history of work dating from 2011.

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