Two Shallot Knives > regular and an XXL Version

Greetings Everybody,
Here are a two that are recently out of the studio.

The two Shallot Knives I forged and heat treated about 6-months ago and was just getting around to them now.

Here you see a regular Shallot Knife < Click the link to read how the Shallot Knife Design originated some years ago.
And then Here is a one-off XXL Shallot.

The regular is forged to shape 1095
The XXL is forged to shape W2
This XXL version having a particularly sweet differential Rainbow Quench!

The regular featuring antique ivory Micarta with rare Westinghouse Blue Ivorite Micarta inlay over a blind pin and detail carving.

The XXL featuring the rarest of the rare Westinghouse material, some glass epoxy Micarta that they only did one run of ever.
It flashes some bright toxic green in the layers that is best seen in the sun, and almost impossible ot get in images.
This one with Translucent G10 inlay over a blind pin and detail caving as well.
A very special knife!

Both are headed to in Brooklyn

I hope you enjoy seeing these two.