Veggie Cleavers to date......

Greetings All,
I was finishing up a veggie cleaver recently, and got to thinking that, in 10-years of making, I have not made that many of them,
thought I'd like to share with you the few I have made thus far....
.....there are already more on the horizon


Most recent listed first, oldest last.

About mid way, I had a fellow chef Henry, ask me to create a veggie cleaver for him that was weighted more like a main working knife.
I thought this was a good idea, and forged him one out of some thick W2.

Different than the traditional Japanese Nakiri,
I now create my veggie cleavers with more blade-weight than most you see out there.
It's a good idea, considering that many of the types of veggies you generally use cleavers on,
such as cabbages, carrots, fennel,etc...can tend to be fairly robust, and the heavier blade is a positive in my opinion.


This latest one, and first up, I am really proud of. It is a presentation piece, going to a local chef, custom ordered for him by the owners of the Cass House Grill in Cauycos California.
The images really do not do this one justice, and I hope you enjoy seeing it.

Thanks for taking a look.

And enjoy.


Next is one I created for Chef Jose Andres, along with the smaller utility knife in the image...
....Blessed to have some of my knives in the hands of an amazing world class chef!

This is the one I made for Henry, a Chef in Ventura California,
and the one that started the idea of forging them a little bit thicker and weighted as a main working knife.

I'm proud to have his one living and being well used in the kitchen of Nita and David Broadwell.

And finally, this one I created for Chef John Blevins of the Clove and Hoof in S.F.
The only Full Tang Veggie Cleaver I have made to date.
This on created in 2012, and with a wicked rainbow quench and tiger-stripes in the zone!